Together for Arkansas

We nurture a growing statewide learning community where we connect, share, and resource each other to realize a shared vision for transforming learning systems to be student-focused.
In 2023, we impacted:







Schools of Innovation
in Arkansas

See how becoming a School of Innovation has impacted schools, educators, and communities.


Here’s what people are saying about working with us:

OIE is awesome. They guided us through the Innovation process and connected us with other innovative thinkers to help in the creation and implementation of and ongoing development of our SOI plan.

Dusty Meek

Arkansas Educator

The Office of Innovation has been an invaluable resource as we have made the transition into a School of Innovation. They have worked alongside us as we transformed our school´s culture of learning. They have helped us make connections to educators and innovators around the world in order to find and learn best practices for our own school. They have truly been a vital part of this process for us and we can not thank them enough!

Melissa Allen

Arkansas Educator

“I will forever be grateful to [OIE] for allowing me to be a part of so many wonderful, life-changing learning opportunities in education.”

Cassie King

Arkansas Educator

Findings from the Field

We conduct focus groups to help inform the work of the Division and Elementary and Secondary Education.

Day-One Ready Teachers Synthesis

We gathered input regarding the most salient considerations for preparing and supporting day-one ready teachers in Arkansas–particularly in light of lessons learned due to the COVID19 Pandemic.

Transforming Professional Learning for Educators in Arkansas Synthesis

We conducted focus groups to authentically represent voices from the field in Arkansas and to provide actionable recommendations to DESE based on stakeholder feedback.

DESE partnered with the Office of Innovation for Education (OIE) to engage 3,708 stakeholders to obtain concrete, actionable input and guidance from the field.