What We Do

Professional learning and support to lead and manage change to meet the evolving needs of learners for now and the future.

Who We Are

We support innovation in schools across the state of Arkansas while partnering with the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education, and student-focused organizations across the state, nation, and globally. Through schools of innovation, transformative professional learning for educators, coaching, training, consulting, ongoing communities of practice, our annual Innovation Rally, connecting educators in networks across Arkansas, the nation, and world, we give schools the tools to color outside the lines.

Our Vision

We will have a measurable impact on learning communities.

Our Mission

Inspiring learners by giving schools the tools to co lor outside the lines.

Our Values


Taking time to build capacity for leading, learning, and life.


Knowing that together we are better.


Communicating and acting in inclusive, effective, and reliable ways.


Committed to taking informed risks to find creative ways to meet evolving needs.

people first

Well-being is the foundation that allows us to support the learners of today and tomorrow.