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The Office of Innovation for Education is located at the University of Arkansas and is funded by the Arkansas Department of Education. We collaborate with public schools, districts, educators, and organizations across the state of Arkansas and beyond to ensure a measurable impact for all learners in Arkansas schools.


In 2021, The Office of Innovation for Education made a lasting impact on education.



S1 E6 – “Mindset of Innovation”

In this “Living in Beta Mode” podcast, Crystal explores the idea of innovation and an innovator’s mindset. What is the definition of innovation, how do we create a culture of innovation, and what is an innovator’s mindset?

2022 Student-Focused Study Tours

In partnership with The Division of Elementary and Secondary Education (DESE) we highlighted highly effective programs and practices in innovative schools within the state of Arkansas so that educators can build professional learning networks to grow and learn together.

NWA Learning Journey

The Office of Innovation for Education customized a learning journey to schools demonstrating innovative strategies for student success. Participants learned alongside OIE how to build a more student-focused educational system to meet the educational needs of their school and district.

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