SOI - A Case Study of Implementation Challenges & Early Impacts

- Crystal Beshears

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The Office of Innovation for Education (OIE), at the request of the Arkansas Department of Education’s Division of Elementary and Secondary Education (DESE), contracted with an external researcher to conduct a case study in five public schools in Arkansas that are in the early implementation stages of becoming a School of Innovation (SOI). The purpose of the case study was two-fold. A primary purpose was to inform schools and districts interested in the SOI process as to the benefits of this work for students, staff, and community and to provide lessons learned from the field as to common challenges involved in this work. A secondary purpose was to guide the work of OIE and the Division of Elementary and Secondary Education (formerly ADE) in providing support to SOIs and schools applying to become SOIs to increase their chances for success, and potentially, increase the positive impacts on students, staff, parents, and community.


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