Our Why

We believe all children and adult learners should have equitable learning opportunities to realize a shared, future-focused vision for their success. The future is evolving more rapidly than we can predict. How and what our children learn should prepare them to be successful today AND in a future that is likely to be characterized by rapid change, unpredictability, and global connectedness.

Our How

In 2021, OIE Supported




How do we do this? We nurture a growing statewide learning community where we connect, share, and resource each other to realize a shared vision for transforming learning systems to be student-focused. We collaborate by coming alongside you to navigate the innovation process and to help you take bold action on the road to transformation. We work with you and your team to realize your vision by connecting you with educators who are doing similar work to transform student and adult learning. These formal and informal connections support a growing network of innovators, at various stages in their journeys, who learn from each other, co-generate ideas, co-design strategies and new practices, and support each other in implementing new ideas and designs for learning. Connect with us and let's get started!