Innovation Rally

OIE's Annual Education Innovation Conference

OIE's Annual Education Innovation Conference

Arkansas is becoming a leader in educational innovation thanks to pioneers across the state and the emphasis on student focused learning by our state department. Over the years, we've worked to engage educators' awareness of innovative practices and designs. Travel to any region of the state and you will see educators engaged in conversations and actions to innovate! The Innovation Rally pulls from successful student focused learning system designs and puts educators and students at the center of the design process. In fact, we have no doubt you will leave with a new or expanded vision of learning. One based on the premise we deeply believe.... that inside the learner is the design! We have school systems across the state, and country, successfully implementing innovative and student focused learning systems. These systems are transforming what it means to be a student in a public school system. Come hear, learn, share, and network with these pioneers.

Our Education Summit Is Getting A New Name

Over the past 6 years, we have grown and evolved in our work to support innovation in learning. We looked back at where we had been and we looked forward to where we want to be in the future--updating our mission, vision, and values to reflect how the innovation landscape is evolving. We thought the annual Summit should reflect the growing network of innovative professionals emerging in Arkansas and the region. We want to create a learning space where educators can connect and learn--leaving energized for teaching and learning. We want to rally with you to continue the spirit of innovation; therefore, the name Innovation Rally was born.

Events More
Wonderful speakers with great ideas and insights!!
- Stuttgart Schools
The mentoring sessions gave me an opportunity to gain useful insight into the work of those that are in the field doing it every day. As a superintendent, it was very helpful and educating.
- Magazine Schools
Being new to my district and a school of innovation, it was overall just useful being there and learning about school of innovation and hearing real world experiences from other districts.
- Starcity Schools
The willingness of educators to provide assistance to create a school culture dedicated to Personalized Learning for each student.
- Fortsmith Schools
Enjoyed hearing from one group of teachers that serve primary aged children. Hearing an idea at the elementary level was most helpful.
- Lonoke Schools

Why Attend?

OIE's Annual Education Conference recognizes and values the impact of our growing statewide learning community. The conference immerses participants in collaborating, networking, and igniting innovative ideas and processes for transforming learning. The Office of Innovation for Education and the Arkansas Department of Education look forward to learning with educators, as together we transform Arkansas to lead the nation in student-focused education.

Establish lasting relationships with innovative leaders in the state and nation

Learn from research-driven sessions that include practical guidance and “lessons learned” from the field

Ignite innovative ideas in your school community

Connect with attendees and experts who make a daily impact in school districts, as teachers and leaders