ADE Launches Statewide Community Resources Portal



Community Resource Portal

The Arkansas Department of Education is pleased to launch the Statewide Community Resources Portal, a website that connects schools and communities with much-needed information about available support services around the state.
As a result of COVID-19, many students and families were in need of essential support services, or “wrap-around” services, such as financial, healthcare, and housing assistance. While many organizations provide such services around the state, a comprehensive repository of information did not exist.
This need for the website became evident after ADE launched the ENGAGE Arkansas initiative with the Education Renewal Zones and Graduation Alliance in an effort to locate and assist students who have become disengaged or are at risk of becoming disengaged with school. As the ERZs began locating community supports for students, it was quickly determined that a quick reference list of services for families did not exist. ADE and the ERZs then partnered with the Arkansas Department of Human Services to develop the portal.
“We are excited to make this website available to everyone around the state,” ADE Secretary Johnny Key said. “While the site will assist schools with providing much-needed services to students, the potential for this website extends beyond schools to DHS and Workforce Services offices, as well as others, around the state who also provide wrap-around services to their clients.”
The website, which is updated daily with new resources, currently contains more than 50 categories of services ranging from abuse services to daycare and transportation assistance. Community partners who are interested in adding their contact information to the site may complete the form provided at the “Statewide Supplemental Community Resources” link at the top of the website.
To access the portal, go to


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